Number of crypto ATMs in Spain continues to rise


According to Coin ATM Radar, Spain is on the list of countries with the most crypto ATMs installed. Will Spain be able to expand its crypto market?

How many Bitcoins ATMs are there in the world? Does the United States lead?
Crypto ATMs take over the world
According to information collected by Coin ATM Radar, growth in the installation of crypto ATMs has not been slowed down since the end of 2015. Since then, growth has been impressive.

In fact, their data show that 19.3 crypto ATMs are installed worldwide every day. This metric is calculated based on the last 7 days.

As we discussed earlier in CryptTrend, the United States currently has the most crypto ATMs worldwide, with 7,321 according to Coin ATM Radar.

In this sense, Europe has 12.7% of all Bitcoins ATMs in the world. Spain, on the other hand, has 0.9% of that total and currently 0.3 crypto ATMs are being installed per day.

Therefore, in theory, every three days a new crypto ATM is installed in Spain. And when we look at Europe in general, the ratio rises to 1.6 Bitcoin ATMs per day.

How do I locate a Bitcoin ATM near me?

Adopting crypto currencies
The installation of crypto ATMs in the world has been extraordinary, especially the speed with which it is being generated.

Spain has the highest concentration of Bitcoin ATMs in Barcelona with 26. Later, as expected, we have Madrid in second place with 15 Bitcoin ATMs.

In the same way, we have Málaga (10), Palma de Mallorca (10), Sevilla (7) and Valencia (6).

Bitcoins ATM are considered to be a good measure of the adoption of crypto currencies in a country or in the world in general. But is it really so?

So, it’s worth asking if it really reflects a greater adoption and the answer is probably intimately connected to the usability of each one of them.

However, if we let ourselves be guided by the data, we can conclude that the growth in the number of crypto ATMs in the world has been extraordinary.

Today there are 9,614 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide, according to Coin ATM Radar. Probably in a few months we will review this cipher again and the increase will have been considerable.

But it’s still an insignificant number compared to the total number of ATMs in the world. According to World Bank data, by 2018 there were 40,093 ATMs per 100,000 adults.

Will we ever see a similar number of Bitcoin ATMs, and what will have to happen to get there? Let us know in the comment box.

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